We just spent four weeks in April and May finishing up the trail rehabilitation project at Lake Sonoma for the Army Corp. Logistically, this job was a challenge due to its remote nature. Four miles from the trailhead we were tasked with rebuilding and armoring three high volume storm water crossings, which involved excavating many tons of on-site boulders and hauling in 6000 lbs of concrete pavers by ATV.

Now we’re back doing what we really love to do – building bike trails at our local resort! We’re running two excavators and chasing the snow line up Whitefish Mountain Resort, while resort employees have been running a third machine near the base area. Although it just dumped 6 new inches of snow today we’re making great progress and should have plenty of fesh berms ready to rip by opening day, June 15th. Look for new photo and video postings in the near future.