Terraflow Trails was created by lifelong trail users Pete and Linda Costain. Based in the mountain town of Whitefish, MT near Glacier National Park, Terraflow specializes in the creation of trails that harmonize with their surroundings and serve the needs and desires of their users.

Whether creating a multi-use community trail, a private hiking system or a dedicated mountain bike freeride trail, Terraflow delivers what trail users want. Check out our projects page and the related testimonials. Customers include the City of Whitefish, US Forest Service, Army Corp of Engineers, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Big Sky Resort, Lone Mountain Land Company, Yellowstone Club, Whitefish Bike Retreat, Flathead Fat Tires and private land owners.

Pete and Linda both enjoy hiking the region’s many backcountry trails, but Pete’s real passions are mountain biking and trail running. Pete has been riding dirt since before the invention of the mountain bike, has raced cross country and downhill since the late 80’s, learned to freeride throughout the 2000’s and continues to enjoy it all, especially now that his two boys have embraced the sport.

Services offered include site selection, design, consultation, forestry and construction. Specialties include steep terrain, multi-use flow trails and cutting edge freeride trails. Always looking for a challenge, Terraflow will bring your trail visions to fruition.



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  1. Pete and Linda,

    My name is Matt Froehlich and I represent a group based out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada that is researching the possibility of revitalizing our local ski hill. Although we do not have mountains in Saskatchewan, we have great valleys that provide us fantastic recreation opportunities. The ski hill was formerly known as White Track and is located near Moose Jaw in the Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. Although the ski hill no longer runs, the area is still busy with hikers, campers and moutain bikers. My wife and I have biked some of your trails in Whitefish, MT and were very impressed with their quality, flow, and the high rate of progress at which they were completed. Our group is in the beginning stages of the revitalization project and I have been appointed to head up the mountain bike branch of the development. For now, I only have one question for you; Would you be interested in packing up the excavator, heading 7hrs Northeast to work on the bike trail aspect of the project ? Currently there are approx 30kms of existing mountain bike trails in the area that need, for lack of a better word, rennovation. The prospect for new trail development also exists, including downhill specific trails. Looking forward to hearing from you !

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