Our job for the Army Corp of Engineers at Lake Sonoma in California went well, and we were back in Montana by Christmas. After a month of work, including a number of down days due to rain, we’re half done and eager to get back to work in the spring. The high clay content of some of the soil has us in a holding pattern until April.

We rerouted a crazy steep gully that had eroded to more than 4 feet deep, and finished over half of an 18,000 foot rebuild of the seven foot wide multi-use South Lake Trail. The 35D excavator is spending a peaceful winter in the woods, trailside.

The most exciting part of the job so far has been watching our freshly built trail sections survive 10 inches of rain in three days! We are currently skiing lots of powder in NW Montana, planning next summer’s endeavors and getting excited for February’s Professional Trail Builder’s Association conference in New Mexico.