Covering a lot of ground in this belated update. Suffice it to say that Terraflow has been ridiculously busy over the last few years and our website blog has been low on the priority list! Besides awesome public projects such as Neversweat at Copper City, Ninja Marmot and the Michener Loop in Big Sky and the never ending Whitefish Trail, we’ve been building an amazing number of private trail networks throughout the Northern Rockies.

Montana seems to be high on the list for lots of folks looking to put down roots on large tracts of private land and many of these landowners want to be able to enjoy their acreage on their own private trails. Whether scenic hiking paths, long equestrian trails or full scale bike parks, Terraflow has been creating dream trails for clients all across the region.

Speaking of bike parks, Terraflow’s most exciting recent project has been the opening of their very own shuttle served mountain bike trails at . Partnering with¬† of Whitefish on a big parcel of north facing land above Flathead Lake, Terraflow has cranked out a dozen banger tracks for all abilities, from mellow flow to expert tech. There’s a campground and pumptrack, we just bought a third shuttle rig and we’re working on a jump zone so riders can safely work their way up to new tricks. Legacy is a long term project and we couldn’t be more stoked to keep cranking out new trails and features as long as there’s room, and there’s plenty of room!

Check out the POV from Forty, our flagship jump trail at Legacy